Gov. Justice Holds Town Hall Meeting On Road Bond Election

A simple “yes” could possibly change infrastructure in the Mountain State says Governor Jim Justice. With the election for the Roads To Prosperity Bond Amendment almost approaching its final day for West Virginians to vote. Governor Jim Justice says he has faith it will pass. Roughly $3 billion in funding will fix potholes, repair bridges, complete all major construction projects and offer to bring new job opportunities throughout the state says Justice. 

“The fallout of this will be an incredible amount of jobs, an incredible amount of revenue. It will be just goodness, it will create hope, it will even combat the terrible drug epidemic,” said Governor Justice. 

“I voted for it because we don’t have a choice. If we don’t have transportation into West Virginia. West Virginia is slowly dying, we have got to fix the roads,” said Fayette County resident Margaret Staggers. 

“I think everyone should vote “yes” because I mean this going to create so many jobs for West Virginia,” said Shirley Love, also a Fayette County resident.  

So, why would someone not vote on something that seems so promising? Justice says it is because people think their taxes will be raised, but he says that is not true. 

“All the taxes are in place, all the funding is in place, everything is ready to go. What we are doing here is we are going to throw away jobs with a “no” vote, we’re going to throw away revenue, we’re going to throw away our future and we’re never going to get our roads fixed,” said Governor Justice. 

October 7th is the final day for West Virginians to either vote “yes” or “no”. All polls will be open from 6:30 am until 7:30 p.m. at your local voting place.

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