Gov. Justice Helps St. Stephen's Episcopal Celebrate 60 years

St. Stephens Episcopal is celebrating 60 years of education. And in honor of that, a special alumnus paid the school a visit.

Governor Jim Justice spent Tuesday morning at the day school, and issued a proclamation celebrating the early childhood education program’s 60 years of service in Raleigh County.

Leah Evans, the Director and Teacher at St. Stephens, said, “It’s hard for them to understand what the significance of the proclamation means, you know at that age, but to us, it’s just remarkable. I’m on cloud 9.”

Governor Justice attended St. Stephen’s in 1956, and he continued the legacy by enrolling his daughter, Jill, when she was 4.

“What they’ve done here over the years is unbelievable. I mean that’s all there is to it. Any institution that stands for 60 years has got to be doing lots and lots of good stuff. And you just see today how these kids behave and perform and everything. They’re on their way,” said Justice.

The governor spoke to the kids about what they were currently learning in school, and they were more than excited to remind him of how his days used to be like at St. Stephens.

He then said he realized how important his early education at this school was for laying his foundation.

“Education should be the center piece of everything we do. Every single thing we do. Everything in our economy, and every thing should run off of education. And these people are doing a great job of getting us on our way, but we know we’ve got a lot of holes in the bucket with education, and we’ve got to fix the holes. I mean, that’s all there is blooming to it. At the end of the day, we’ve got to shove education right to the for front, fund it properly, and do the right thing to be able to prepare our youth for the future,” concluded Justice.

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