Gov. Justice amends special session call to include budget and additional legislation

CHARLESTON, WV (NEWS RELEASE) — Today, Governor Jim Justice announced that he is adding the FY 2018 budget and six pieces of legislation to the special session proclamation.

As a result of meeting with lawmakers and stakeholders, Governor Justice amended the special session proclamation to include the following bills:

  1. A Bill relating to DHHR and the Health Care Authority
  2. A bill relating to the sale of DHHR operated hospitals
  3. A bill relating to physician assistants
  4. A bill relating generally to tax procedures
  5. A Bill relating to county levy rates and public school support
  6. A Bill relating to volunteer fire fighter workers compensation
  7. A bill enacting a state budget for FY 2018

All of the bills are drafted and have been submitted this morning.

“Now that we have action on the revenue legislation in motion I’ve sent up the budget plan,” said Governor Jim Justice. “There is still much work to be done. Once all of the bills are passed, most importantly the roads bills, then the budget is ready to be the last thing to be passed.”

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