Giving Back On The Day Of Giving Thanks!

OAK HILL, WV – What better way to give thanks for all that one is fortunate to have, then giving back and serving those less fortunate on Thanksgiving.

The Lewis christian community center prepares a thanksgiving community dinner every year. And On thanksgiving day people volunteer to deliver meals to those who are in need. I had the pleasure of spending the day with The Pino family and learned why giving back to others is important to them.

” We started just to be more grateful in our own home for what we have and what others don’t have. We’re trying to give back a little bit, pay it forward kind of thing and give others a better holiday.” Said Rachel Pino, Mother and LCCC Volunteer

There were 105 meals that the Pino family had to deliver and on the ride to make those deliveries a valuable lesson was taught about why it’s important to give back to the community.
” They need to learn about gratitude being gracious serving with their own hands and warm hearts. They need to be grateful for everyday, every gift, every bite of food; It’s┬ánot free and someone some where worked for it and I just want them to be appreciative.” Said Rachel Pino

Well… Lesson Learned while enjoying the act of giving!

” I just love to see the joy on those peoples faces when they see that were actually coming to bring them food and it just brings joy to me.” Said Jackson Pino, LCCC Volunteer

” It’s really important especially for us as kids and we don’t really have to work for anything yet and it’s just handed to us. To understand that some people don’t have anything handed to them and they have to get it from somewhere else or they just don’t get it.” Said Mia Pino, LCCC Volunteer

” I like doing it cause I get to spend time with my family.” Said Lillian Pino, LCCC Volunteer

Each person that received a thanksgiving dinner was thankful and appreciative! Delivering thanksgiving community dinners with the Pino family has been such an amazing experience, such a wonderful journey, just being able to give back to those who are less fortunate.

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