Girl scouts everywhere gathered together for Girl Fest 2021

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – The Black Diamond Girl Scouts are in town for Girl Fest 2021. The Scouts have partnered up with the folks at ACE Adventure Resort in Oak Hill to give the girls a great week of rafting, ziplining and other high adventure fun.

“I have talked to girls already today that are going ziplining, they are doing the mud run, they’re going stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, you name it and our girls are doing it today,” says Beth Casey, Black Diamond Girl Scouts Council CEO.

OverĀ 370 girls had their choice of three different adventures on the mountaintop, along with unlimited access to the waterpark. However, in the midst of adventure, the girls will also do service projects and nature studies to earn badges.

“This year is especially important for girl scouts to be, not only together, but also outside. After a year of COVID and Girl Scouts not really being able to be together, this is really special for them, so we’re really excited to be able to offer this opportunity,” she says.

TheĀ girls look forward to Girl Fest, which happens every two years. They do the fundraising and sell Girl Scout cookies to raise money to pay for the trip. And ACE is always happy to host.

“We’re always excited to have youth groups come to join us at ACE Adventure Resort, especially this year because we have a new national park and so since folks are coming to this event from all over the country and even Alaska, it’s a great way to introduce the rest of the United States to this very special corner of West Virginia,” says Haynes Mansfield, marketing director for ACE Adventure Resort.

The Girl Scouts are in town until July 1, and then it’s back to the fundraising for the next epic Girl Fest in 2023.

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