Girl Scout Jamboree Comes To Glen Jean

It’s nice to see young girls take a break from technology and challenge themselves to a game of Jenga. However, that’s not the only challenge they will be facing this week. “Girls are doing bmx bike riding, skateboarding and tree top canopy tours. Then, right here where we are they are doing a lot of stem in the outdoors programming. The department of environmental protection is here and we are learning a lot about science,” said Beth Casey, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council.

Some of those girls are from the girl Scouts of black diamond council, as well as other troops. Casey added, “Were here for the Girl Scout Jamboree, we have almost eleven hundred girls and adults from twenty-four different states.” And you wouldn’t believe what these young scouts have to say about their participation in the Jamboree.  Girl Scout Lilliana Myers told us, “We don’t really get together like this, we have the little regional camps but, I feel like doing this kind of helps us meet new people.” While Girl Scout Madeline Fischer added, “I feel like the Girl Scout themes are always spa or last year was princess’ or something. It’s cool that we get to do something sporty because I feel like most people stereotype girls for being kinda girly girls.”

Another Girl Scout, Lillian Engel said it is her first time coming to the Jamboree and that it is a lot of fun. ” It teaches you what it would be like since the boys usually come out here it’s fun for the girls to come out and try some of the things that they would do”, said Engel.  Girl Scout Anna Andriyko added, “It’s great to have this experience, I had never been to such a big camp before so it’s amazing it’s great.” 

For the Girl Scout Jamboree it’s not just about the fun activities and stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s also about the girls becoming comfortable in their own skin and gaining that self confidence. “If their confident in themselves and they have respect for themselves the less likely they are to be bullies or to be bullied. It’s such a dominant thing in our society with girls right now. They are in competition with one another instead of being supportive of one another”, said Angela Brown, Girl Scout Troop Leader. 

The Girl Scout Jamboree will run until Sunday, July 2nd.

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