Getting Lost in the Fall Season is Easy at The Crab Orchard Corn Maze

There is a place in Tazewell county where you can get lost in the fall season.  Jump in and let’s see what we can do on one tank of gas.  The crab orchard corn maze is a great place for families to spend their weekend.  The maze is almost 4 acres and it is somewhere you can test your navigational skills.

“Well, it depends if you are navigationally challenged or not. Usually, I would commit about 45 minutes to be able to find all 14 checkpoints,” said Charlotte Whitted the Executive Director of the Crab Orchard Museum.

If you are good with maps and puzzles then you may want to step it up a notch and join one of their flashlight tours, but don’t worry going through the maze at night is nothing to be scared of.

“We make it interesting but we don’t have anything haunted or spooky in the maze,” said Charlotte.

Don’t forget about their pumpkin patch.  It offers many varieties of pumpkins and I found myself the perfect pumpkin to carve for this Halloween, and of coarse, they had to bring back a fan favorite of the maze.

“The pumpkin chunker is my favorite because of course, you are trying to shoot at a target but we do it so that it is a finesse situation not a strength competition,” said Charlotte.

The pumpkin chunker sounded like a challenge for me but my question was, what do I get if I hit that target that is way over there?

“If you get a pumpkin into the mason jar target then you win a $25 gift certificate to our general store on site,” said Charlotte.

My attempts fell short at the pumpkin chunker but I had a blast at the Crab Orchard Corn Maze.
The best part of this trip is, you don’t need to be navigationally savy to get here, plus you can get there in less than one tank of gas.

For more information on the Crab Orchard Corn Maze, you can visit their website at or their Facebook page.

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