Getting an 'A' is easier now for WV students thanks to state BOE decision

CHARLESTON, WV (BY: CARRIE HODOUSEK, WV METRONEWS) — The West Virginia Board of Education approved a policy Wednesday that deals with changes to graduation credits and the current grading scale for high school students.

The board passed Policy 2510 after taking nearly 1,3000 comments from a 30-day public comment period.

The policy includes reducing credits required to graduate high school from 24 to 22.

Social studies credits required for graduation will stay at four credits. An earlier proposal included reducing those credits to three.

The policy also includes changing the grading scale to make 0-59 an F, 60-69 a D, 70-79 a C, 80-89 a B and 90-100 an A.

The current grading scale says a 0-64 is an F, 65-74 is a D, 75-84 is a C, 85-92 is a B and 93-100 is an A.

High school students may also receive physical education credit for classes like marching band, show choir and dance.

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