Get Out And Vote!

MERCER COUNTY, WV – It’s Election Day… hundreds of thousands of people made their way to the polls today, making sure that their voices are heard.

Here in Mercer County voter turnout has been steady. the courthouse was closed for most of the day but tonight will be active as the precincts deliver their ballots which will then be counted.

“Every election I have voted,” Virginia Rucker, a registered voter since 1954 said.

“It’s important that you vote cause that’s our right as Americans.” Said Gene Wyatt, who’s been a registered voter since 1975.

“I think it’s very important we have the privilege to vote and I think we should be able to give our opinion and vote for the best people for our country,” said Mrs. Rucker. Several people cast their votes on this Election Day, leading as examples that every vote matters. “Every vote matters, that’s our constitutional right,” Mr. Wyatt said.

Voting is the best way to represent yourself, your state and your country.

Mrs. Rucker says, things will work out for the best for our country and West Virginia.” Said Mrs. Rucker

Polls are open until 7:30pm.

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