Get Active – Even In the Winter Time

For many, staying active in the winter is no walk in the park…but a new family-friendly program offers exciting activities that can be enjoyed year round.

The Community Captain for Active Southern West Virginia, Levi Moore, told us exactly what the program is, “Get Active In The Park” program is a partnership between the National Park Service and Active Southern West Virginia where we have free activities and events throughout the entire Gorge region.”

The program offers a variety of activities such as hiking, paddle boarding, or rock climbing, and there’s nowhere better to get healthy, and enjoy the outdoors, than in beautiful Southern West Virginia.

Moore also told us, “Everything is going to be for free so that people can come out and try these things and also, you know, just get active.”

Weather prevented those who came out to the Park Loop Trail area from trying out the snow equipment. but the milder temperatures made for excellent hiking conditions.

“What we’re doing is turning those that we had scheduled into things like today, where we make it a dry weather event,” Moore concluded.

Participants say making relationships like the ones formed within Active Southern West Virginia make it easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

“Get Active In The Park” will continue having free events – every weekend – all year long, so make sure to visit their Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all the activities.

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