Gauley Season kicks off this Friday

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The fall rafting season on West Virginia’s Gauley River kicked off today. The popular season brings in thousands of people and millions of dollars to the area. 

The Gauley is a dam controlled river and every fall it gets a surge of power when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers release 22 days of water. 

“We tried to make sure to start drawing the lake down so that way we reach winter level pools. The second is to provide flows for white water season and we also tired to accommodate fisherman,” said Summersville Lake Park Ranger Tony Miller. 

White Water Rafting was shut down in March before the summer season due to the pandemic. Rafters are now taking full advantage of the fall season.  

“I think it’s the perfect activity the times we’re having with COVID because we’re outside we stay pretty well distance,” said rafter Charles Dillan.  

According to Summersville Lake Park Ranger David Cooney there are also other outdoor activities Summersville lake has to offer.  

“We have several trails in the local area. There’s unique hiking opportunities for all summersville lake visitors as long with fishing,” said Summersville Lake Park Ranger David Cooney. 

Gauley season brings in over 30 million dollars to the West Virginia economy.

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