Gal Gadot makes surprise visit to children’s hospital in full Wonder Woman costume

(ABC NEWS)- Gal Gadot proved she really is wonder-ful after she took a break from filming the latest “Wonder Woman” movie to hang out with young patients at a children’s hospital last week.

Gadot spent the day with staff and patients at Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia. During her visit, adorable photos were snapped of the actress and Karalyne Sahady — a 7-month-old who has been battling leukemia during her five-month stay at Inova.

“I was in our room with one of our many doctors while Karalyne was hooked up to IV antibiotics, when in walked Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, in full costume,” Karalyne’s mom, Kelly Swink Sahady, told “Good Morning America.” “She had a huge smile on her face and walked right over to me. She asked if she could hold Karalyne and scooped her right in to her arms.”


Sahady said she was “pretty star struck” by the encounter. Gadot’s visit was a total surprise to the patients.

“I could tell her crew was in a hurry to keep moving, but she was not. She asked about our other kids and even brought in some toys for them,” Sahady said.


“She did this out of the goodness of her heart, and that meant more than anything,” Sahady continued. “We are Wonder Woman fans for life now.”

A doctor who works at the hospital thanked Gadot on social media, tweeting, “You are a true Wonder Woman.”


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