Funding Approved for Two Positions at Animal Shelter

The Fayette County Animal Control Center is making news once again, but this time – the plans will not only benefit the animals, but also all of the shelter’s workers. The Fayette County Commission approved hiring two additional full-time employees that would serve as extra help with the day-to-day activities needed to maintain the animal shelter.

“There are usually two employees, and then I’m always here volunteering. Then there’s another volunteer that comes to sit at the front desk,” Alexis Thompson, a volunteer at the shelter, told us.

That means that there is a total of three people who are taking care of over 150 animals that are at the shelter. It is definitely a lot of responsibility for these volunteers and employees, but with the county’s $33,000 commitment, the responsibilities will be spread out more evenly.

The Fayette County Commission is hoping that by adding these two new employees animals at the shelter will receive more one-on-one care.


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