Frontier Working To Restore Service In Oak Hill

Frontier trucks and crews have been spotted all over Oak Hill since Thursday, when over 1,000 customers were affected by the high winds. And while 90% has been restored, local businesses are still being affected by the damage.

Tina Miller, from Cafe One Ten told us, “No internet service or landline service for about a week now. Of course, we signs on the doors saying that we can’t accept credits or debit cards, or anything like that, but we’re still taking cash. It has definitely affected our business.”

“We normally have six working phone lines, we only have two that are coming in, and so our answering service is still having to pick up the majority of our calls and they’re actually emailing them to us. So it’s really slowed down on how we’re getting back with our patients about their questions and refills and everything,” said Jessica Crist, a nurse at Petersen Clinic.

Although it’s an unfortunate circumstance for many people and businesses in Oak Hill, Frontier is working tirelessly to get the community’s service back up. There was a very big water damage to underground cables and a lot of tedious work is required for the repair.

Luckily, many business owners have been completely understanding about the situation,and have had only positive things to say about their service provider.

“They helped me to the fullest extent that they could. I mean they were bending over backwards. I called them and immediately they forwarded my business line to one cell phone number,” Barbara Halstenberg, owner of Bessie’s Flower Shop, expressed.

Frontier is hoping to have 100% of their customers’ service restored by Tuesday night.

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