Frontier Employees Warn Customers To Not Trust New Out Of State Workers

Raleigh County., WV (WOAY) – Though the weather isn’t the best today, that didn’t stop several Frontier workers from taking to the streets to make their voices heard.

This marks the 11th day in the Frontier Worker Strike. This comes after months of negotiations with the corporate office, in an effort to get job security.

Currently the company has brought in-out of state workers to compensate for the amount of workers that are on strike. Frontier employees are warning customers to be careful when having those individuals enter their homes.

Frontier Technician¬†Elisabeth Choate says, “Do not let these people in your homes because you have kids there an we don’t know what type of people these are, she continued. These people have not been drug tested or had a security background check so you don’t know what’s coming in your home, there not wearing a Frontier logo.

The employees at Frontier are asking the community to stand with them as they strike, until a resolution is found.


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