From Miner to Mechanic

Coal mining has become a tough job to keep, many get laid off from work. Micheal T. Hicks of Fayette County was one who were affected by the lay offs. He worked in the coal mines for over eight years, and is now a student at New River Community and Technical College. His goal is to become an automotive mechanic. Micheal T. Hicks, New River Community and Technical College student, says “I’ve come to New River because I was tired of getting laid off of work from the coal mines. It seemed like every two years I was getting laid off. After being laid off, we would go through all our savings just to try to make it.”

Micheal loves cars and trucks and how they work. There will always be the need for an automotive mechanic, everyone’s vehicle eventually needs fixing. He will earn a mechanics certificate and a two-year Associates Degree in Automotive Technician. Micheal even got certified in welding. Michel T. Hicks, says “And while I was here I also got my welding certificate, because that is what I used to do was weld in the coal mines.”

Dealerships and automotive factories are always on the lookout for certified mechanics. Micheal T. Hicks, says “I would really like to either work at a dealership or a plant where they actually make the vehicles from start.”

Micheal will complete both the Certificate and Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair this May with a 4.0 GPA.

-Frank Notarbartolo

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