From Fighting In War To Local Chiropractor, One Man Continues To Provide Assistance To Others


FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY)— After fighting in Baghdad, Dr. Jaime Johnson became a chiropractor so he could serve people in a different way. He is the first chiropractor to practice in Fayetteville in over 20 years.

“I wanted to pursue healthcare through a different route and when I shadowed a chiropractor, I was able to witness a different type of healthcare,” said Dr. Jamie Johnson, Chiropractor at Appalachian Chiropractic.


Dr. Johnson is not like any chiropractor. He has a unique practice which allows him to visit patients at their homes.


“A service like that you don’t see very often and being able to provide that is ideal,” said Johnson.

Dr. Johnson developed an innovative practice that reduces barriers such as transportation so that those in need of a chiropractor services can receive the services.


“Not everyone is able to get up and come to the office and see me or come see any provider. So me providing that service to people, I think will help them out a lot,” said Johnson.


With weather, driving and physical impairment challenges for many in need of chiropractor care, Dr. Johnson developed a solution by implementing patient friendly, easily accessible home-based services.


While being a chiropractor is not like fighting in the war, Dr. Johnson is continuing to help to make a difference in one local community by providing services to people in need.

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