Free Lunch-Time Parking In Downtown Beckley

Beckley., WV (WOAY) – Lunch goers in the city can now eat in peace as they won’t have to worry about running to put money in their parking meter.

In a new trial promotion the city is offering free parking along Neville st. and Main st. fromĀ 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. The city hopes this will draw more people to the downtown area. The promotion will last for the next 120 days.

Beckley Parking Commission Chair Ann Worley adds, “We wanted this trial 2-hour time because it’s really prime lunchtime so people would feel comfortable coming up, and wouldn’t worry about getting a ticket before we launch our passport parking app.”

In downtown Beckley there’s the state, federal and county buildings. Each government employee only receives a 30 minute lunch Worley feels that this will be beneficial to them.

With the cities latest announcement some businesses are anticipating an increase in business with the trial.

Jim Keyes Pub-Licity General Manager “IĀ think our business will have the opportunity to pick up quite a bit we depend a lot on our customer service and getting the food out in a timely manner.”

In the coming weeks the city will begin conducting surveys in order to get citizens and retailers feedback. The city wants it to be clear that this is not a permanent decision they are just testing it out.

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