Four People Die After Crash

A fatal crash took place Thursday afternoon that resulted in four people dying. Around 5:30 p.m. a vehicle that had four passengers in it, was heading northbound on interstate-77 near Camp Creek. Seconds later, the vehicle was hit by a tractor trailer that was heading southbound and crossed over the median losing control of the trailer. Crews were called to the scene shortly after. 

Fire Chief at Bluestone Valley Fire Department, Tim Farley, said, “Upon arrival we found the tractor trailer had in fact caught on fire and had struck a passenger vehicle, the ensuing fire from the tractor trailer caused a brush fire that we had to have it contained also.” Crews say they have been at the scene since the horrible crash happened and are hoping to have it cleaned up soon. Worker at Glen’s Towing Chris Payne told us, “Clean up is going a little bit slower than we wanted just because of the fire that happened, were having to take it out in pieces so it’s slowing it down a little bit, but hopefully will have everything out of here in a couple of hours.”

West Virginia State Police have not released the names of the victims in the vehicle or the driver of the tractor trailer. But we do know, that he was flown to Charleston Hospital. And for the people who were called to the crash when it happened say it has taken a toll on them. Another worker from Glen’s Towing, Teddy Grey said, “In a situation like this you hate seeing something like this go out ya know where the cameras and stuff. Pay a little respect ya know.”

If you are traveling this holiday weekend we Advise you to drive safe.

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