Four impeached West Virginia justices to face trials

CHARLESTON, WV (AP)- Historic trials will be held in the West Virginia Senate starting next month for four impeached Supreme Court justices after last-ditch efforts to remove charges against some of them were rejected.

The state Senate voted 19-15 Tuesday to reject a resolution that would have dropped charges, called articles of impeachment, against Robin Davis, who retired shortly after the House of Delegates impeached her last month.

The vote came after Senate President Mitch Carmichael ruled a separate resolution to censure justices Beth Walker and Margaret Workman instead of subjecting them to impeachment trials was out of order. The resolution would have allowed them to keep their seats on the court.


Trial dates were set for Oct. 1 for Walker, Oct. 15 for Workman, Oct. 29 for Davis and Nov. 15 for suspended Justice Allen Loughry.


The impeachments stemmed from questions involving renovations to the justices’ offices. Individual office spending by the justices for renovations included $503,000 by Davis, $367,000 by Loughry, $131,000 by Walker and $113,000 by Workman.



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