Former Primary Opponent Speaks Out About Party Switch

“Today, I tell you as West Virginians I can’t help you anymore being a Democratic Governor. So, tomorrow I will be changing my registration to Republican.” That big announcement from former Democrat West Virginia Governor Jim Justice during President Trumps Rally Thursday night, and for some it was a shock. 

Two of the candidates Justice ran against in the 2016 Democratic Primary, Booth Goodwin and Jeffery Kessler reacted by tweeting upon hearing the news of Justices announcement to change parties. During a phone interview, Kessler told us, “I’m disappointed but not surprised that he switched. I mean, Jim had never really been a lifelong Democrat, he was more of a Democrat by convenience, rather than conviction. When he thought it would suit his election purposes he became a Democrat. But, as soon as he ran into some problems or whatever with the passing of his agenda, it became the Democrats problem or fault and blamed the Democrat legislature so it’s unfortunate.” 

Now, the next question is what does the Republican Governor do with a Democratic staff and administration? Governor Justice said during a press conference on Friday, “You know, the train always needs to go on, at the point in time do we really believe that by loosing a few key members or really by losing the engineer, me. The train always goes on and what we just got to do is sometimes it becomes a little difficult.” 

Now, however, this is not the first time Justice has switched parties, he was previously an Independent and a registered Republican up until 2015, when he switched over to Democrat. 

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