Former Liberty High School Student Sues Raleigh County BOE And Principal For Sexual Harassment

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- A former Liberty High School student is suing her principal and the Board of Education for sexual harassment that started in 2016.

The lawsuit alleges while the female was a student at Liberty High, she was subjected to sexual abuse by her teacher, Adam Acord. Acord was notorious for continuous sexual harassment and “grooming” of female students. Complaints were made to the principal, Lori Knight, by teachers but no action was taken. In spite of the knowledge of Acord’s behavior, the Board of Education continued to allow interactions with female minor students.

The suit also alleges that Acord gifted the female and told her they had to wait two years to be together. The gifts were reported to Knight by a fellow teacher, but again no action was taken. By January 2018, the student became acquainted with a male student, which led Acord to retaliate by humiliating her in front of her peers.

The student quit school due to the sexual harassment and hostile environment created by Acord. The suit also alleges the curtailment of the student’s educational opportunities could have prevented by the BOE years before the travesty involving the student. Not once after receiving complaints by “no less than six teachers”, did the BOE take any reasonable action against Acord.

The full lawsuit can be read below:

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