Former Beckley municipal buildings sold

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The city of Beckley is making some changes with a couple of their municipal buildings.

As part of an improvement plan, two municipal buildings have recently been sold. The city first began construction on a new police department located at 501 Neville Street, not far from the old department located on Prince Street.
As soon as construction was completed on the new police department, the building was left vacant.
“We used an internet auction site and it got several offers,” says Billie Trump, Beckley Chief Financial Officer. “That building was sold for approximately 145,000 dollars to a developer out of Virginia Beach, and they’ve begun some renovation work already. “
Beckley city officials still do not know what the building will be used for yet. And, in a vote made by Beckley Common Council a few months ago, it was decided that the old number three fire station on Eisenhower Drive be sold as well.
“At a public auction we held here in the city, it sold for approximately 575,000 dollars to a local developer,” Billie Trump says.
The city’s newly improved police and fire departments will not only benefit the first responders, but the community, as well. They were able to get good value for the taxpayers on buildings they no longer need, and these buildings our now more conveniently located to better respond to emergencies. The city feels the new number three fire station located on the bypass will particularly improve response time in emergency situations.
“The station where it’s located, the response time for a lot of the businesses, a lot of the high value areas, a lot of the hospitals in that area has been greatly reduced and has extended the ability to get out on the new bypass. This greatly enhances the ability for the fire department to safely and quickly respond.”
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