"Food For Angels" Program Created to Feed Needy Kids

A non-profit organization in Beckley needs the community’s help to feed under privileged children in Raleigh County. One Voice is currently accepting donations for its new program called, “Food For Angels”.

One Voice’s Program Director, Melonie Terry, told us,”A lot of times, these school aged children, their parents may not be there or something of that nature, to bring them into that high risk situation, so what we endeavor to do is to alleviate some of that stress for them and having some food items for them to eat over the weekend.”

The program is designed to give school-aged children individual, portion-sized, easy to open, and easy to prepare snacks for them to enjoy over the weekend.

“The school in which we serve, has an enrollment of 250 students, but the poverty rate is 97%, so that’s a clear indicator of the need that we have in our community, just within a 5 mile distance,” Terry continued.

One Voice has compiled a list of items that they are accepting as donations for the food for angels program. Some examples of what’s on the list are apple sauce, peanut butter crackers, and nutella to go.

“The more resources we have, the more we can do, but what we do is serve 60 students each week. That’s 240 students a month with a bag of snacks to take home with them.”

To learn how to donate, visit One Voice‘s website, Facebook page, or call their office at 681-238-5724.

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