Flying High Through The Sky On Bridge Day 2018


The time has come for the largest extreme sports event in the world… Bridge Day 2018! People travel from all across the world just to experience this day and there are some who have waited 20 years for this very moment.

“For base jumpers, if you’re in to base jumping then you know that this is the big event and back then 20 years ago this was the one legal jump you could do off a bridge. So this is one I had my eyes set on to do for quite a while. This has been something I’ve been thinking about my whole life. I did a jump earlier and it was fantastic, like getting that two or three second, four second free fall is the most amazing experience.” Said Tint Williams, Base Jumper from Australia
The bridge is filled with extreme sporters as they base jump and catapult off the bridge.

“It’s amazing its scary on there but once you get off it’s the most amazing feeling ever. I started sky diving all my friends were here for bridge day, if your friends jump off a bridge are you going to do it and that was it.” Said Casey Magyar, Base Jumper from Ohio
Spectators aren’t the only ones making observations during this incredible event.

“It’s something that we do a lot but we don’t get to do it for spectators so to be here and see everybody enjoying the bridge as much as we all are. Aw this beautiful bridge, it’s amazing out here. The weather is really pretty the clouds have been laying low and like flying underneath the bridge. So we get to jump with clouds that we free fall through.” Said Base Jumper Austin Carey, Base Jumper from Wyoming

It’s a beautiful day out here on the new river gorge bridge. Thousands of people have gathered to explore bridge day and watch the pros and the amateurs base jump and fly high from the catapult. I’m thrilled to be here!

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