Flu Shots Are Less Effective After Discovery of New Strain of Virus

Raleigh County, WV (WOAY)-  As soon as fall came, some raced to their doctor or local pharmacist to get their annual flu shot…
Now that winter is in full force, the CDC is reporting that many people who got the shot, are still getting the flu.
Dr. Sebastian Cuevas at the Beckley Appalachian Regional Healthcare Center says, “that’s because experts picked the wrong flu strain to vaccinate for.”

“The most prevalent virus this season as well is the H3N2 strain of virus, so that’s basically what happened they were working on one strain when the actual prevalence is for a different strain,” Cuevas adds.

Although doctors at the healthcare center say they’ve seen some patients come in with the flu, there has not been an alarming spike locally.

The CDC says, “it still highly recommends getting a flu shot.” But if you’re weary of getting a shot, doctors say there’s another way, especially if you’re at a higher risk.

Cuevas says that, “For example patients less than two years old, or more than 65 years old, or immune compromised patients such as HIV+ patients they are the ones who should probably get the anti viral treatment.”

Although the flu is contagious simple things like, washing your hands and covering your mouth when outdoors can help prevent you from catching the virus.

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