Florida man arrested in Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY)- A Florida man has been arrested in Fayetteville on drug charges.

While on road patrol on the early morning hours of January 23, 2021 on US route 19 southbound within the limits of the Town of Fayetteville, Patrolman T. Farley observed a black in color Kia sedan struggling to maintain his lane of travel by swerving from the center divider line to the right barrier line. Patrolman T. Farley observed this repeated pattern of swerving for approximately one half mile.

At that time Patrolman T. Farley conducted a traffic stop under the suspicion of impaired driving. Patrolman T. Farley made contact with the driver of the vehicle (identified as Walter Omar Herrera) of the state of Florida. In the course of the investigation and gathering identification documents Patrolman T. Farley detected the smell of Marijuana emitting from the vehicle.

At that time Patrolman T. Farley asked Mr. Herrera if there was any illegal narcotics or weapons inside of the vehicle, Mr. Herrera replied no. Patrolman T. Farley then returned to his patrol vehicle and advised 911 communications of Mr. Herrera’s drivers license number. Patrolman Farley then returned to Mr. Herrera’s vehicle and requested that he exit the vehicle at that time Mr. Herrera exclaimed in an excited utterance that there was marijuana inside the vehicle before Patrolman T. Farley could explain why he requested him out of the vehicle.

With the admittance of the possession of illegal narcotics Patrolman T. Farley along with Patrolman C.W. Johnston conducted a vehicle search. Where a significant amount of US currency was discovered along with a substantial amount of white powder believed to be cocaine along with a large amount of green leafy matter believed to be marijuana. Mr. Herrera was arrested for Possession with intent to deliver. And was transported to Southern Regional Jail.

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