Flood Recovery Progress In Richwood, WV

Cindy Arbaugh, who is a flood victim and resident of Richwood, was one of the many people who were affected by the floods that occurred this past June. “Our car was floating and I had 3 feet of water in my home.  So we stayed and had to stay out the flood until the water started receding.” said Arbaugh. Fortunately, Arbaugh has flood insurance but she says she lost mostly everything. “Most of everything was a total loss. We had a lot of antiques that were passed down from familywith my husband and I both, our parents are both deceased.”

On Tuesday, the current Mayor of Richwood and former Mayor gave WOAY a tour of a few homes that were affected by the floods. A news conference was then held at Richwood City Hall and a check was presented from FHLBank for 2.3 million dollars. This check will be used for housing in twelve disaster area counties.

WOAY asked Mayor of Richwood, Bob Henry Baber, his thoughts on the floods and the recover so far, he stated, “What can I say, to be the Mayor of Richwood, to watch this town pull together and come back. To have people drop down from heaven and help us in the initial phases of the flood. The volunteers with bleach and mops and shovels, and now this incredible shot of money.”

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