FIRST ON WOAY UPDATE: Subcontractor pulls out of Minden sewer project due to PCB's

FAYETTE CO., WV (WOAY) – A subcontractor hired by the City of Oak Hill to construct new sewer lines that would run through the town of Minden has pulled out.

Tribute Contracting and Consultants in South Point, OH confirmed that Thursday with the Register-Herald.  The person WOAY talked with this morning at Tribute said they had no comment.

Neither does Oak Hill City Manager Bill Hannabass, who would only say he hasn’t talked with the contractor yet.

WOAY was the first local media outlet to report that the subcontractor had removed all of its equipment from the site.

Tom Enyart, who manages Tribute, told the R-H, “We just want to do the right thing. That’s what we want to do.  We’d like to see more testing done where the line is to be laid, that we’re to be installing.  That’s why we pulled out.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had discovered PCB’s in the ground around Minden at the former Shaffer’s Equipment Company site, and had recently found four more sites.

The Oak Hill City Council’s next meeting is Monday at 6:30 p.m.

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