Fire School Held For All Fayette County Fire Departments

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – In an effort to keep the community safe all fire departments in Fayette County participated in a fire school seminar.

This marks the first year the county has brought the event back, previously the county would hold these annual seminars until 2006.

Fire personnel learned things from auto extraction to Amtrak training. During one of the classes firemen learned how they can avoid catching cancerous carcinogens when out in the field.

Douglas Cline a speaker at the training seminar said told Newswatch, the importance of holding annual classes like this.

‘This is a very dangerous situation that they go into on a routine basis and they need to have the highest level of knowledge, skills and abilities that they can have to protect themselves and the community.”

Fayette County fire officials are hoping they can make this a new annual tradition.

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