Fire Destroys House During Holiday Season


WILLIAMSBURG,WV (WOAY)– Flames began to spark early Thursday morning leaving a house crumbling to the ground due to an electric heater.


Roger Williams, who son owned the house and had been renting it out to a family, shared what he witnessed.


“There were flames shooting in the air from my house where I could see it. I knew it was my son’s house and I went up to the house. The only thing that was left in the house that they can’t find so far is a little black dog,” said Roger Williams.


Williams also shared how the fire will impact the meaning of Christmas and the holiday season for the family.


“The meaning at this time of the year with Christmas right around the corner, and she had some children and they are adults now but, I know it will be a sad time for them,” said Williams.


While Christmas may have a different meaning for this family in Williamsburg, the community and neighbors are coming together to help the family in the spirit of the holidays.

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