Finding the perfect back to school outfit for just five dollars

It’s back to school for hundreds of kids around the area and that means, new clothes. But it also means a big expense, so Dylan Fearon went out to find the perfect outfit that won’t break the banks.

Sam Calloway owns The Good Samaritan Center in Oak Hill. Around there, it’s known as “the quarter store.”

“Everything here is a quarter,” Calloway said. “So I can get you at least two or three outfits and send you home with enough change and go to McDonald’s and get you a burger.”

Its where many kids like Jordan Harris are getting there back to school clothes. She’s starting the sixth grade soon, and needs some new outfits.

“I’m looking for preppy, casual, athletic kind of (clothes),” Harris said. “All around, you know.”

Harris looked around the whole store for her favorite outfit and then tried it on, shocked at how little it actually cost.

“I kind of think that it would be unbelievable, but apparently its real,” Harris said.

Not only are there back to school clothes, but also suits and casual wear for just a quarter.

“There you go, there’s your back to school outfit<” Calloway said as he shows off a shirt and shorts. “Fifty cents and that’s not the rapper either.”

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