It's finally here, Wildflower Weekend!

It was the perfect Sunday to celebrate the New River Gorges annual, “Wildflower Weekend.” This year marked the fourteenth year and included all sorts of fun activities and several different hikes. Park Ranger for the National Park Service Jodi French-burr said, “The particular hike that were doing today is the hot I d hike, so many people are excited about exploring nature and learning about the different types of floral that they find, but it can be a little tricky business figuring out what’s what. What plant, what wild flower?”

 The hikers and rangers hiked the two mile stone cliff trail near Thurmond and it wasn’t just a hike but also a learning experience as well. Ranger French-burr told us, “This particular hike, we are pulling our field guides and apps on smart phone devices, things like that. Helping people find and know how to use those resources to identify what their actually seeing. There’s over fourteen types of blooming plants here in the New River Gorge. So it’s a good way to take some of those useful tools to help you figure out what’s what.”

With this being one of the most adventurous hikes the wildflower weekend has to offer, many people may not realize the true beauty here in southern West Virginia. Hiker from Pax WV, Matthew Hackwortch told us, “It’s just good for West Virginia in general because the state has a lot to offer that a lot of people don’t know about and wild flowers and different types of birds, it’s just relaxing to be near the river and actually be on a hike. So, it just shows a lot of good things about West Virginia.”

And If you love hiking or love the outdoors, the trails and parks are always open to the public and new visitors.

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