Final Maxwell Hill Traffic Study Meeting

Residents in Beckley wanted answers at Wednesday nights final meeting about the area traffic study on Maxwell Hill road. Many residents raised their hands with questions, comments and complaints concerning high volumes of non-residential traffic and vehicles speeding. Chuck Farmar who has been a resident in Beckley for twelve years told us, “When Pinewood was built it started getting traffic over from the mall area to Harper road. Then everyone tried to avoid Harper road and came across Maxwell Hill, well it’s gotten worse and worse. And now we’re having an extreme problem with heavy trucks, heavy trash trucks, gravel trucks.” Another resident of Beckley, Cynthia Blevins said, “I am here because I’m very concerned about the volume of traffic that comes across Maxwell Hill, not the residents but as a cut through.”

 Many residents who live on Maxwell Hill Road say they have been fighting the high volume of traffic  for decades and want to see something done. Farmar told us, “All we’re asking is the people that are planning it, for a quicker easier fix then spending a lot of money. They should direct the traffic off Pike View, down New River drive. They should then put a light there at Robert C Byrd drive and bring them out that way.” Belvins said, “Ideally, I would like to see Pinewood drive blocked off at the top where it intersects with Maxwell Hill road, then people would not tend to cut across.”

The final report that was provided by the Fayette Raleigh Metropolitan Organization made sure the residents knew that although this was the final meeting, it was the beginning not the end. Senior Transportation Planner, Steve Thicken told us, “We deliver this report to the Fayette Raleigh PO, they communicate it to the city of Beckley, then the department of high ways. Then their upcoming planning process when they make decisions about what projects are going to fund, they will have this in the discussion. They will try to get this in their funding cycles as best as they can.

Residents are hoping something is done relatively soon.

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