The Fight To End Drug Addiction Continues..

Our Nation continues to struggle with opioid addiction, as the number of deaths continue to get higher each year. And as for West Virginia, this has been one of the states main issues, as the opioid abuse continues to get worse.

West Virginia attorney general Patrick Morrisey met with local officials on Friday to discuss the efforts in preventing the opioid epidemic here in the state. “We have a number of substance abuse forums that we held in Raleigh county and also in Hinton. And this is a great opportunity to really learn what the communities are doing to tackle substance abuse.” Morrisey told us. 

The Attorney Generals Office was the first ever to create a “substance abuse fighting unit” and Morrisey says he is going to continue to fight this battle against drug abuse “Now we’re working with them on some of the funding issues and also to try to end the back log in the states crime lab.” he said. 

Morrisey is going to continue to work with officials to put an end to the opioid epidemic here in West Virginia. 

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