Fifth grade students learn about water in an effort to get more involved with nature in the classroom

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Tasha Yates, a high school science teacher and now science director is bringing nature to the students.

As a pilot program to potentially bring nature activities to schools across Fayette County, she has been conducting these lessons with different grades in Oak Hill Schools throughout the year.

Thursday Yates held an activity about the usage of water for a fifth-grade class at New River Intermediate. They played a game that looked at the types of water usage and found ways to conserve it.

Yates feels that it’s important to get the students more in touch with nature.

“I feel that students have a very big disconnection between nature and themselves, and I’m trying to bridge that gap and do some things for our local community and the environment,” says Yates.

The county anticipates on expanding the program to other schools in the region next year.

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