FBI Conducts Major Drug Operation Throughout West Virginia

Law enforcement say, it was the most comprehensive, intricate investigation that has been conducted in southern West Virginia to date. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and members of the Beckley-Raleigh County Drug and Violent Crime Task Force conducted a major drug operation in Beckley, as well other cities throughout West Virginia. 

Drugs, guns and cash were seized from properties and law enforcement says it’s not over. Chief of Beckley Police Department, Lonnie D. Christian told us, “There are state court and federal charges which have been filed, the investigations are still on-going so we don’t have total numbers at this time. We can say it’s very substantial.” Officials say they started off with a number of search warrants and those have expanded. Christian added, “This is huge not just for the law enforcement community here in southern West Virginia but this is huge for the communities themselves. We have had a lot of complaints from citizens who have obscene regular drug use and drug dealers. This is just the start, these are some of the things that we look at. We have targeted some of the larger operators with this and this is something is a very of course like I said before, a massive operation and the most extensive that we’ve had in this area ever. This a very big deal for us and the community.” 

Officials say that the FBI will be releasing a statement soon in regards to their involvement.  

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