Fayetteville Restaurants make "101 Unique Places to Dine"

Fayetteville is no longer just known as the coolest small town. This year, several of its restaurants made the Tourism’s “Top 101 Unique Places to Dine”. The Division of Tourism’s pocket guide highlights the 101 most distinctive and delicious culinary destinations in West Virginia.

Highest on the list, is Secret Sandwich Society! This lunch and dinner spot challenges the notion of what you would think normally comes between two slice of bread. Next comes Pies & Pints – the town’s famous pizza and beer spot! Finally, comes Cathedral Café where you can not only get some of the best food in town, but also appreciate Fayetteville’s history.

When asked what made their restaurants stand out from the rest, this is what their owners and employees had to say:

Lewis Rhinehart, Secret Sandwich Society’s owner, said, “You know, we do everything as fresh as we can, we make everything in-house. We roast our own pork. We make our own pickles. We make our own ketchup. All our desserts, dressings, spreads… Everything is made from scratch and in-house. With as many locally sourced ingredients as we can get – and seasonally.”

Elizabeth Keenan, a manager at Pies & Pints said, “Our hospitality towards people and just that we put a lot of thought into our food, and we try to put out everything with very good quality, and send it out with love.”

“A sense of family – even with people who aren’t part of our family, like all of our other waitresses and staff members, we just all come together, and we enjoy being around each other and I think that shows in the atmosphere here,” said Cassidy Bayes, a waitress and the daughter of the owner of Cathredal Café.

Restaurants in other nearby regions, such as Beckley and Lewisburg, also made this year’s list: https://gotowv.com/101-guide-listings/



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