Fayetteville man celebrates one-year anniversary of life-saving lung transplant

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – A man from Fayette County is celebrating the one year anniversary of his life-saving organ transplant.

David Toney suffered from lung issues for a long time before undergoing a life-saving organ transplant one year ago. To safely celebrate the occasion, his family put together a surprise drive-through parade for him.

“We have organized a little drive-by parade for all his friends and supporters to come by and say hello. With COVID, it makes it even more difficult with his challenges already.”

According to David, after getting his transplant, he had many issues adapting to the surgery. Issues breathing and living life in general. He said the need for the transplant was caused by a sudden loss of breath in the middle of the night. 

“It got down to where I couldn’t breathe, so they called me around 4:30 in the morning, I left here at 5 and drove up there on a Thursday, the eighth of August 2019. They did the transplant that very day and it was rough for about the first week.”

Despite the initial issues, David didn’t give up trying to get used to things. After months of exercising and eating well, he says he’s doing better than ever.

“And then I started walking, exercising, eating better and finally I’m where I’m at today. I can walk five to six miles a day without stopping. I can eat anything I want, drink plenty of fluids and exercise.”

More than twenty people came out to surprise David for his celebration. They drove by his home, stopped and said hello, left some party favors and went about their way safely.

According to the family, the drive-though set up was essential for safety, as they didn’t want to complicate David with any lung issues from COVID-19. 

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