Fayetteville lights the town green, puts on tribute to closing high school


After nearly a century, one Fayette County high school will be shutting its doors in May. So Thursday night, dozens of alumni and members of the community gathered to celebrate the history and memories of their beloved school by ‘lighting the town green.’

“Tonight’s going to be a night a lot of alumni don’t forget at all,” Calvin Endicott, rising senior at Fayetteville High School, said.

“It’s a tribute to the school and the many, many years that it’s been in our town,” Lita Eskew, Fayetteville class of 1948, said. “It’s been a part of our hertiage.”

It’s the ultimate pep rally. Everyone in green and white outside the court house. The football team showed up, the marching band performed. So did the cheerleaders. Even the community choir sang Fayetteville’s alma mater.

“They can take away our school, but they can’t take away our memories,” Eskew said.

“If you’re not from around here, you couldn’t understand what it’s like,” Endicott said.

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