Fayetteville Dog Park Initiative is becoming a reality

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Fayetteville Area Dog Park Initiative is making further developments towards a future dog park. The community has decided that a dog park would be both beneficial for the people of the area, as well as for their canine companions.

“A dog park is such a great need because we have so many outdoor enthusiasts in the New River Gorge area, as well as in Fayette County, and this is just going to serve our community,” says Mayor Sharon Cruikshank.
The town of Fayetteville is governing the project and is working with the Dog Park Initiative to acquire donations from the citizens of Fayette County to help make the project happen. And the equipment for it is now underway.
“We’ve been taking donations and that’s actually what’s funded the fencing that we are just about ready to have complete. We will be getting benches and some exercise equipment inside the area for the dogs,” she says.
After becoming inspired by dog parks in other communities and being granted approval for the establishment of the future of one at Fayetteville Town Park, the Area Dog Park Initiative is well on its way to becoming a reality. And the whole community will potentially benefit from the development.
“It will give the citizens a nice place to socialize, and it will also provide a place for the dogs to socialize, and to learn how to socialize,” Vice President of the Fayetteville Dog Park Initiative, Keith Spangler says.

The Fayetteville Dog Park is expected to be complete by the end of March and a grand opening celebration will soon follow.

The coolest small town just got a little cooler, and even more dog friendly.

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