Fayette County's School System To Gain Full Control

The West Virginia Board of Education voted to let Fayette County’s School System have full control after being under state control for 7 years. “We are getting full control back effective March 8th, 2017 after signing a memorandum of understanding that the Board has to provide to sign.” said, Board Member, Stephen Slockett.

The Board of Education is very pleased to hear that they are finally earning full control, and they are ready to get started. “They have worked hard to improve student achievement, facilities, personnel and finance.” said Superintendent of Fayette County Schools, Terry George. The Board of Education is eager to start making the decisions in the county on their own once again. Slockett stated, “I am going to say my fellow board members, I have a dream, a hope and a vision that we are a top f15th county in the foreseeable future because our kids deserve it.”

Superintendent Terry George, would like to start working on renovation of Mid-land Trail, Fayetteville High School, Valley High School and Oak Hill High School, as well as many other things. They are hoping to have this done within 7 to 10 years.

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