Fayette County Signs Proclamation To Raise Teacher Pay

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- As teachers poured into the Capitol in Charleston to take a stance and make a difference, educators took a formal stance locally for higher pay through issuing a proclamation in Fayette County.

“They are severely underpaid and I think we need to show the importance of teacher pay and how much they do for our students and the State,” said Matthew D. Wender, President of Fayette County Commission.

The proclamation asks for teachers to be paid more and to better educate students as they are the foundation of the State.

“We haven’t had a raise in a long time. We are the 48th in the nation pay wise and we struggle to retain qualified teachers or even find them,” said Jason Crouch, Fayette County educator.

Christy Gill, President of American Federate of Education, shared her thoughts on today’s proclamation.

“I was really pleased that the commission wanted to do this. There are so many people behind us and I know the economy in the State depends on our teachers,” said Gill.

While the proclamation was being signed in Fayette County, the House suspended rules to move $29 million from the Revenue Funds to PEIA. Rallies will continue tomorrow in Charleston.

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