Fayette County Sheriff’s Dept. Reminds Bridge Day Attendees Of Safety Measures

FAYETTEVILLE, W. Va. (WOAY)- As Bridge Day approaches, it is important to know about the security measures put in place to keep everyone safe.

Bridge Day is full of adrenaline and excitement. While it is a family event, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department wants to remind attendees of the security measures that will take place to ensure a safe, fun day for everyone.

“No large bags, backpacks, strollers, bikes, skateboards, stuff like that. No flying of drones. We want to make it a family event, but our job is to keep it safe and secure so you can have a good time,” says Sheriff Mike Fridley of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Fridley also wants to remind everyone no weapons or firearms are permitted, only service animals are allowed to come, and to utilize the shuttle bus for three dollars. Once attendees arrive, they will have to go through screenings in order to be allowed through.

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