Fayette County Sheriff's Department Warning Citizens Of Phone Scam

FAYETTE COUNTY (WOAY) – A telephone scam allegedly involving the Internal Revenue Service has been reported in Fayette County.

Over the past several days the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls from residents reporting that they have been contacted by telephone by one or more individuals claiming to be representatives of the IRS. These calls have been received from various telephone numbers. The callers state that they are calling because the resident owes back taxes from a previous year and they are attempting to collect these taxes. The callers then demand that the residents make arrangements to pay this delinquent tax debt immediately using either a credit card or a debit card. The caller will often threaten the resident with imminent arrest if he or she does not immediately make arrangements to pay these delinquent taxes.

“The IRS does not initiate telephone calls of this nature in an effort to collect past-due taxes,” said Sheriff Fridley. “If the IRS believes that you owe additional taxes for a given period, they will communicate with you through the U.S. Mail and provide documentation to support this claim of unpaid taxes. Under no circumstance should you release any banking or credit card information to anyone calling and claiming to represent the IRS. You should never release any personal information, including your Social Security number or birth date to anyone over the telephone.”

If anyone has received calls of this nature, but has not released any personal or financial information, it is not necessary to report this to your local law enforcement agency. “If someone has actually paid money, or given out their personal or banking information as a result of a call such as this, however, we would encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agency and report this,” said Sheriff Fridley. “Our primary goal when we receive reports of this nature is to spread the word as widely as possible in an effort to prevent anyone from falling victim to scams such as this,” said Sheriff Fridley.

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