Fayette County Sheriff’s Department employees receive promotions

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department saw four officers get promotions.

Judge Ewing welcomed the officers into his courtroom for a swearing-in ceremony, where they received their new badges.

At the swearing-in, Nick Mooney was promoted to captain, L.A. Crisp was promoted to Lieutenant, Rob Neal was promoted to Sergeant, and M.A. Sifers was promoted to Corporal. 

“It’s a big responsibility being a captain,” Captain Nick Mooney said. “It’s the highest civil service rank you can get at the sheriff’s department. I have to make sure everybody goes home everyday, and as long as I do that, then I’ve done my job.”

Sgt. Rob Neal was also promoted, and is looking forward to continuing his position as Judge Ewing’s bailiff.

“If you can name it, I’ve seen it,” Neal said. “During the past three years I’ve been Judge Ewing’s courtroom bailiff, and I look forward to continuing that position.”

During the ceremony, Sheriff Mike Fridley mentioned that the department didn’t always host swearing-ins for promotions, but he finds it to be a good process to congratulate the officers on their achievement.

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