Fayette County Schools first to be chosen in a leading security system program

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – A groundbreaking step forward in local school safety, Fayette County Schools is the first to be chosen in a leading security system screening program.

Evolv Technology, a nationwide leader in weapons detection security, has chosen Fayette County Schools as the first recipient of the GiveEvolv grant program.

A press conference was held at Oak Hill High School to introduce the new technology to the community.

“What the world needs and what Evolv does is a system that allows people to come in at a normal pace, kids walk next to their friends as they walk in, they don’t even think about it, it lets students be students,” says Chairman of GiveEvolv Kevin Charlton.

Established in September of last year, GiveEvolv’s mission is to make schools safer through EvolvExpress systems. The company started GiveEvolv to donate the technology to school systems around the country at no cost.

The program’s advisory board is making an effort to bring the technology to schools that may be most affected by weapon violence.

Fayette County Schools was chosen not only because of its passion for keeping students safe but for those safety protocols to function more efficiently.

“If we even wanted to do a search or deal with a search using a metal detection system, those systems ran about an hour and a half. They would have students missing whole periods of class, whereas this could be a day-to-day operation,” says Superintendent of Fayette County Schools Gary Hough.

Fayette County faculty and board members, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, and dignitaries from Evolv Technology were all present at Tuesday’s press conference.

Following the conference, a group of students demonstrated how the technology will work. Using artificial intelligence, it doesn’t just detect metal but identifies what specific objects are. It’s a technology that’s revolutionizing school safety.

“The inspiration is to keep kids safe,” President and CEO of Evolv Technology Peter George says. “We have a foundation that gives schools in need systems to keep their kids safe.”

Including Oak Hill High School, three other schools in the county will all be the first to receive an EvolvExpress weapons screening system.

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