Fayette County Schools Close Admist Teacher Walkout

Fayette County., WV (WOAY) – All school’s will be closed tomorrow and Friday throughout West Virginia.

Superintendent Terry George made the announcement this afternoon, the decision comes after teachers announced last week that there will be a work-stoppage at all West Virginia schools.

George added that the main deciding factor for him not to hold classes was simply because there is not going to be enough teachers to safely resume classes and operate school-buses.

Fayette County Schools have missed several days this year due to the snow which means those days will be added onto the end of the school year pushing student’s release date further back. That also will apply with the upcoming walkout.

“There are days at the end of the contract that teachers can work up to June 30th so there’s more than enough adequate days to make up the two were missing this week,” George noted.

Although some students main source of meals comes from the school system.  The Board of Education made sure their students wouldn’t go without.

George says, “Most of our schools have back pack programs and we were aware of that and many of our students were sent home with extra supplies in their backpack programs yesterday evening.”

Superintendent George did add that they are unable to predict how next week will go, but that it would be up to the Attorney General to force teachers to come to work.


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