Fayette County Says Goodbye To Former Sheriff Steve Kessler

It was an emotional send off for former Fayette County Sheriff, Steve Kessler.

His funeral somber and full of tears. But yet, when reflecting on his life and everything he did for our community, it became up-lifting.

“Obviously we remember men like that, who’s dedicated to his community and dedicated to his county, you want to remember him in a good way and see all the good that he did throughout the county. He was dedicated to people of Fayette County as he continued to serve as Circuit Clerk after Sheriff,” Albert Marano, Former Sheriff & Circuit Clerk of Harrison County, said.

Outside of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building in Fayette County,  bus loads of mourners arrived. Including the entire Fayette Founty Sheriff’s Department and law enforcement from the surrounding areas.

It’s very clear how much of an impact he made on our community.

“He stood for the right things. He accomplished a lot. I think he served the community well,” Damon Steplowski, Kessler’s neighbor, told us.

Kessler died suddenly on August 23, after being stung by several bees while mowing his lawn.

Following the funeral, was a procession to his burial site in Pax, where dozens of emergency vehicles took Kessler down U.S. Route 19 for the last time.

The whole community came to say their goodbyes to Former Sheriff Steve Kessler who will now be forever cherished and remembered.


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