Fayette County Residents React To Consolidation Plan

One day after the plan to close and consolidate schools in Fayette County was approved, some of those that will be affected are speaking out.

“There’s just so many kids. It’s going to be too full. They’re not going to get the attention they need, and they’re not going to get the help they need,” said a concerned mother.

“It’s unfortunate. I mean I guess it’s necessary for progression. It’s going to be sad to see one of our schools go, of course,” a graduate from Fayetteville Elementary told us.

“Fifty percent of me is heart broken that it needs to close, but the opportunities, the other 50% of me, I think are going to be better for the kids with the consolidation,” expressed a mother.

Fayetteville Elementary is set to close at the end of the 2019 school year.

Fayetteville Elementary is just one of the seven schools that will be closing under this new plan. The students who are currently enrolled in these schools will be consolidated throughout schools in Fayette County.

The purpose is to provide students with better facilities, and also provide them with the most efficient and proficient curriculum.

“When this plan is fully implemented, every kid in Fayette County is going to have a drastically improved quality of education. Our job is to educate the kids,” said Board of Education member,¬†Steve Slockett.

While the majority of the county is in full support of the decision, there are some Fayette County residents that are against it.

“You’re giving the children of Oak Hill wonderful opportunities, but the people in The Valley, people in Mount Hope, and people in Meadow Bridge are not receiving the same opportunities.”

The next board meeting will be held on June 5th, and then the State Board of Education must vote to approve the closings.

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